The Kelp Forest Index

The Kelp Forest Index

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The Kelp Forest Index

Come Play Ocean Advocate

How would you help restore the kelp forest in your region? What happens when ocean temperature gets too warm? What if you reintroduce sea otters but there isn’t enough urchin and abalone to feed them? Those empty urchins in the urchin barrens won't do it. Fixing ocean ecosystems is not as simple as it may seem. This index will be developed as a way to help the public learn more about the changing dynamics in a bull kelp forest ecosystem by interacting with some of the primary species that are important to the health of these kelp forests.

This page is for concept only. The Kelp Index is an on-going initiative of Above/Below. Please share your thoughts about the idea for this Kelp Forest Index and let us know if you might be interested in working with us to develop it further for your region or restoration site, or for educational purposes: