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“It is visually stunning and information rich, just like a big, beautiful book!”

Jessica Owens
Northwest Straits Commission

“A truly one-of-a-kind; what a wonderful way to share the beauty and ecology of kelp forests.”

Meg Chadsey
Washington Sea Grant

“The Mysterious World of Bull Kelp is SO cool! I love how seamlessly the site weaves Western science, Indigenous stewardship, climate change impacts, kinship, maps, and management of different regions together to tell one kelp story. Inspiring!”

Louli Ziels
Oregon Sea Grant

“It is fantastic! This website is full of excellent and relevant information.”

Josh Smith
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mendocino Kelp Fest!
North Coast KelpFest!

Click here to view the month-long series of events bringing together art, science, food and film to celebrate kelp forests on California’s North Coast, May 18–June 16, 2024.

colorful background image of greens, reds, and yellows with a cyanotype of a bullkelp specimen. White text reads "MARCH 31 AT 10AM PST, ABOVE/BELOW RADIO INTERVIEW WITH A NOVEL IDEA PODCAST"
Above/Below Radio Interview

Tune in to Above/Below co-directors Josie Iselin and Marianna Leuschel discuss The Mysterious World of Bullkelp on A Novel Idea podcast with host Suzanne M. Lang. The episode is available to stream via the podcast.  Learn more about the importance of Above/Below's web story and ocean literacy campaign, highlighting the importance of ocean ecosystems and their characters and bringing attention to the urgency of our kelp forests and how we can respond. 


Curious World of Seaweed
Curious World of Seaweed Exhibit

A traveling exhibit of work by Josie Iselin featuring iconic West Coast seaweeds and kelps, last showing in Morro Bay, Santa Cruz and San Diego, CA from January 7, 2024 – March 3, 2024

Video: Webstory Welcome

Watch this 5-minute video for a brief tour of The Mysterious World of Bull Kelp.